Indigenising the Interior of Some Selected Hotels in Enugu Metropolis through the Production of Textile, using Igbo Motifs
Adaeze Q. Silas-Ufelle, Pius A. Ntagu

It was observed that interior of hotels in Enugu metropolis are predominantly adorned with foreign fabrics that do not reflect the culture of the host communities. The essence of actualizing and stabilizing the economy, especially the hospitality industry in Enugu metropolis implies employing all workable parameters that can restructure the cultural and economic growth of the people positively. Therefore, there is need to indigenize the interiors of hospitality industry in Enugu using Igbo traditional motifs. Selected hotels were used to mirror this attenuation by employing the Igbo unique traditional symbols and mural designs to acculturate their interior environments. Qualitative research was adopted and snowball sampling was used for the selection of hotels. As a studio area, the work employed the transfer of developed designs on fabrics with the aids of batik, tie-dye and screen printing method of fabric production. The final fabric works were produced to satisfy the various end uses relevant to hotel interiors and to provide materials for documentations as a means of projecting the esteemed culture of Enugu metropolis in particular and Ndigbo in general. The studio experimentation employed mixed media and construction techniques. The media used were fabrics, glue, textile ink, yarn, dye, caustic soda, hydrosulphide and wax. The research revealed high iconographic, utilitarian and aesthetic values. The study will contribute in promoting, developing and preserving the Enugu cultural heritage and Ndigbo in general.

Full Text: PDF       DOI: 10.15640/ijaah.v8n2a3