The Rational Space of Art Pietro Lingeri and the Installations of Lisa Borgiani
Alessandro Colombo

This essay aims to present some original experiences in the relationships between Art and Architecture, thanks to lightweight exhibition designs that add a new element to temporary and sustainable use of modern architectures, even as part of a potential restoration. We revisit the history of the Italian Rationalism, with particular attention to its origins in Lombardy and the school of Como through the work of Pietro Lingeri. Lisa Borgiani, a contemporary artist, approaches these examples of the architectures of the 30s, with a series of lightweight and reversible installations that utilize an existing industrial material – a nylon net – in a completely different context, kick starting a new reflection on the rational space of art, outlining new potential approaches to the sustainable and reversible use of modern architectures. This contribution suggests a new potential way to temporarily use architectural and urban spaces while waiting for their complete restoration, giving them a new function once the original one has gone.

Full Text: PDF       DOI: 10.15640/ijaah.v7n1a4