Bridging the Gap between Modern and Contemporary Arab Art and Arab People
Dina Lutfi

The purpose of this paper is to emphasize the lack of exposure Arabs have to modern and contemporary art that is being created in their region specifically, and to underline the factors that contribute to Arab people’s disjuncture from artistic production in their respective countries. Additionally, the paper will also highlight the ways in which Arabs may begin to gain awareness and knowledge about the artistic production that is taking place within their own societies, especially modern and contemporary art, which also needs support within K-12 and university educational institutions, and in the public sphere. It is imperative that art criticism, art history, and art education are reinforced and incorporated as a way of closely looking at Arab art critically, and understanding the dynamics of Arab societies and cultures through visual, written, and verbal communication. I recommend that change could take place gradually by familiarizing societies with Arab art through education, scholarship on modern and contemporary Arab art, and establishing art-viewing spaces that serve as platforms for dialogues and discourses on Arab art.

Full Text: PDF       DOI: 10.15640/ijaah.v7n1a2