The Cultural Jordanian "Shammagh" in the Context of Contemporary Product Design
Fadwa Hamdi Barakat

Each country has a symbol that defines its specifications within the law or the constitution, an example of which is the flag being the emblem of state. However, the Jordanian Shammagh is a national symbol adopted historically by customs and traditions, especially after being worn by the Jordanian forces in 1930.Since then, it has become a source for cultural, historical and emotional connections, for example pride, albeit that it is only distinguished by its red color. The absence of products, though, actually having the pattern of the Shammagh symbol is quite noticeable. This lack of reliable, consistent and up-to-date data is problematic in creating an ongoing Jordanian Identity. A key objective of this paper is to offer discussion on using qualitative methods. This study, therefore, intends to develop a contemporary design-related ethos based on grounded insights from participants' fieldwork and using examples of product design to enhance their quality for the future and posterity.

Full Text: PDF       DOI: 10.15640/ijaah.v7n1a1