The Influence of the Overseas Chinese to the Indigenous Social System in Bawomataluo - Nias.
Ariesa Pandanwangi, Krismanto Kusbiantoro, Leonardo

According to historical sources, most Nias people are from China. It can be seen from the physical factors of Nias people. Their characteristics are similar to those of Chinese such as tanned skin and slanted eyes. Their arrival gradually formed acculturation long time ago so that it created important social systems. One of them is the traditional system in Bawomataluo involving process of interaction among people in traditional meetings and ceremonial rituals. To facilitate meetings and rituals, Nias people build meeting room without partitions enabling them not only to create their kinship but also to solve their problems with guidance of headman. This research uses a qualitative method focusing on the factors affecting traditional system in Bawomataluo. The result of this research shows that the ancestors living in the Bawomataluo traditional village has a very close kinship structure and are able to maintain the socio-cultural systems implemented in the form of a traditional houses and their ornamental variety. Newcomers are necessary to adjust the traditional rules that are agreed together to establish kinship relationships with Nias people.

Full Text: PDF       DOI: 10.15640/ijaah.v6n2a8