Phenomenological Approach in Traditional Theater Art
Sutiyono Sutiyono

This article aimed atinvestigating through phenomenology approach withtwo steps, namely, the first order understanding which is to ask the respondent in order to obtain the accurateexplanation and second order understanding where the researcher make an explanation and reinterpretation of the data from the respondent. To validatethe significance of phenomenology, hermeneuticsis needed, such asinterpreting phenomenalthings. Forinstance, in case of tourism management, there has been a tendency forformation change in presenting traditional theater art. Based onthe reserach results, it showed thatin reality the presentation of the theater art in tourism give some negative impacts, such as pollution, commercialization, and profanisationtowards traditional culture values.Nevertheless, it bringspositive pointsince tourism promotesthe traditional theaterart, which is potentially facing extinction. Tourism also influencethe artists to become more creative.

Full Text: PDF       DOI: 10.15640/ijaah.v6n2a3
pp. 17-21