Gender-Specific Colours of Textile and Clothing Products throughout History
Reham Abdelbaset Sanad

This study is focused on the development of textile and clothing colour for different genders namely male and female. Colours used for female and male consumers were surveyed across history starting from prehistory passing through Greece and Roman civilisations, medieval period, eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries ending by the twenty first century. It is evident that the development of colour trend for different genders was reflected in its range and specifications. It is apparent that progress of civilisations, technology and economy highly affecting colour trends generally and its selection for specific gender especially. It is interesting to find that colours started with prehistory of similar materials and colours for men and women and developed across history to make significant difference between both genders. Lately, there have been calls for gender equality including textile and clothing colour design.

Full Text: PDF       DOI: 10.15640/ijaah.v6n1a8