Eastern Carpets in David Chalmers Alesworth’s Art
Ekin Kakan

In today's art, every kind of material can be transformed into a works of art. In some works, it is seen that the expression forms of traditional and contemporary art are melted in the same pot. David Chalmers Alesworth draws attention as an artist who deals with traditional carpet art in a contemporary style. From the year 2010, we see that David Chalmers has made "textile interventions" on his eastern carpets in his works. The artist, who usually manipulates the city plans, maps and various symbols of carpets he bought from Persia and Pakistan and examines the cultural degenerations in the society. In his works, he gives his messages to the audience indirectly, not directly. In his art, the carpet is both vehicle and purpose. David Chalmers is aiming to investigate the traces of eastern carpets in Alesworth's works and to introduce artists who produce works combining traditional carpet art and contemporary art. It is understood that David Chalmers Alesworth’s works are similar to the Persian and Pakistani but it has been revealed that the carpets he used have also similarities with Turkish and Baluchi carpets as well.

Full Text: PDF       DOI: 10.15640/ijaah.v6n1a6