Promoting Awareness about Traditional Motifs and Patterns of Pakistan in Truck Art through Textile and Fashion Design for the Local and Global Market
Almas Fatima Malik

This paper intends to study and investigate the uniqueness and individuality of traditional motifs and patterns on truck art in Pakistan. Truck art is one of the most culturally celebrated art form in Pakistan, which is vibrant and loud. The beautiful poetic and chaotic designs with multicolor palettes are integrate to create something shining and elaborate, which reflects the diversity of Pakistani culture. The truck artists are in their own world and creating and expressing art out of the own passion and intuition. To preserve and create awareness about the influences of traditional motifs and patterns is to introduce a concept that will bring the Truck Art form off the roads into the lifestyle of especially the Generation Y. This concept will also help the public to better know, understand and appreciate the worth of Pakistani traditional motifs and patterns, The primary intention as contemporary artist and designer, however, is to and subsequently be inspired to spread and introduce the colorful message of this art form locally and around the world. By incorporating and applying the elements of truck, art into textile and fashion design will further promote and elevate the traditional art form. In addition, the paper will also explore various other forms that could contribute to enhance the truck art form, like producing it in batik. The awareness and understanding of the artistic expression and creations of truck art will preserve the traditional cultural identities for next generation of Pakistani truck-art artist, designers and practitioners. This effort will also help to propagate the true nature of the culture, country and people of Pakistan.

Full Text: PDF       DOI: 10.15640/ijaah.v6n1a5