Evaluation and Valuation of Art: An Artist’s Dilemma
Amy J. Keely, MBA, M.Ed

This paper is an interdisciplinary review of the intersection between the worlds of business and Art. There are many challenges for the self-employed Artist Entrepreneur. This language barrier includes the judgment of Art from the prospective of two historical philosophers who address different philosophies of business and art. Additional evidentiary support is provided by twentieth century artists and philosophers who have addressed the evaluation of art aesthetically and the valuation of art. This language barrier creates a dialectic disconnect preventing the business community from understanding art philosophy and the art community from understanding business philosophy. Evidence additionally includes the analysis of the museum catalog as addressed as critically important to the artist. The artist states that it is important because of the temporal nature of the artwork, yet any type of catalog is considered marketing material used as promotional material. The paper also provides a discussion of historical educational methodologies – long shuttered – that may offer insights to shifts needed in modern art education to better prepare the artist for a stronger alignment with industry.

Full Text: PDF       DOI: 10.15640/ijaah.v6n1a4