Effective Instructional Methods and Strategies for Teaching Art History
Dickson Adom, Saeed Adam, Osafo Agyemang

The performances of students in Art History evaluation and external examinations show a great decline in scores attained in various Second Cycle and Tertiary institutions across Africa. The interest in the study of Art History on the part of learners has dwindled and this canker has even found itself among some tutors of the subject. The study was therefore carried out to find the causes of the decline in the interest and performances of students in Art History with the view of developing and recommending some time-tested instructional methods and strategies that can boost both the interest and performances of students in Art History. The researchers obtained the data for the research via semi-structured interviews and non-participant observation and under the qualitative research approach. Descriptive research method and Document Analysis were the research methods utilized in this study. The Data analysis spiral was adopted for analyzing the data accrued. The study thus contends that effective instructional methods and strategies for teaching art history can boost the interest of teachers and students in Art history while reflecting positively on learning outcomes.

Full Text: PDF       DOI: 10.15640/ijaah.v4n2a4